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My name is Nanda Pavaday

I like to know about the people who visit my page. Don't hesitate to contact me about any issues you might have or to just say 'Hello'!

About Me

I am Nanda Pavaday and I work as Creative Director in advertising.

There are times when I see myself as a great doctor, performing diagnostics on brands that are not feeling well and proposing remedies to put them back on their feet.
At other times, I imagine myself to be an inspirational lawyer, helping products argue their case to be able to find a place in the mind of the customer.
There are instances when I see myself in the mind of a world renown architect, contributing to build solid brands that will serve as platforms to launch new products and services.
Sometimes I daydream that I am actually a celebrated writer, trying to find the words to allow companies and organizations express themselves and tell their story.
Occasionally I see my job as that of a compassionate marriage counselor, bringing together products and customers who are not on speaking terms so they can find emotional ties between them.
The truth is, I am only a dreamer. I make a living thinking, imagining and dreaming. But I am also a citizen of the world, trying to live a life less ordinary, to connect with people and give them the opportunity to keep believing and to pursue their dreams. That’s my reality.